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Posted by kweharts on May 11, 2009 at 11:08 PM

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You Preach, I Teach (Hopeful)

This city is covered in cobwebs and dust. Black widows, all of you! Ohthe Great Famine approaches, eat your fill of flesh. Drag me by myteeth. Fill my head with fire. Show me by example, how do I treat theGolden Ones? Their fate rests not in your hands.


Preach! Then show them how to love Him.


Tongueswith fangs, piercing dialogue. Unfair? I own not one of my possessions.Be fair, play fair, fight fair. Waste my time no more. Be gone with youwraith! I walk this path next to your for now?


?Till? death until we part.

 May 10, 2009 Like Paul The Preacher

Smokefills my lungs. And as the sun goes to sleep, I breathe out the toxinsand reflect on the past week. I?ll never understand how my heart got socold, to the point of boiling over my emotional stronghold. I watch thesmoke float into the sky, and I?m looking for the answer to thequestion of my life.

If I stabbed my image 100 times, would that be enough, would itfinally die? I hate myself for the perception I?ve created; apathetic,pessimistic, they both seem so outdated.

So I pray for strength insincere, cuz I don?t feel You with me but Iknow that You are near. And my self justification is a waste of time,telling myself that I?ll be just fine.

Yahweh, I?m tired of trying to fix my life, I confess. Because everysingle time I try things end up more a mess. I?m such a coward, I?m sostoic at best. And when I finish this cigarette I won?t be able to rest.

So take my heart, empty and black, shatter it like a mirror and thenbring me back. Give me a heart so pure and filled with You, give meeyes that shine so others can see You too.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done. Hold me in Your loving arms andcall me Your son. Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done. Hold me in Yourloving arms and call me Your son.

23 hours ago

 this is all from Bobby alexanders blog!  Much Much more, just click the link & enjoy!

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